The best ways and places to look for a job

Are you looking for a job for the first time or looking around for new job challenges? These 5 routes will get you to a new job offer fastest. You no longer have to rely on contacts among friends and newspaper ads to find a job. Thanks to the internet, you can easily keep up to date with the job market and current job offers every day. Find out the easiest ways to get a new job, whether your previous employer has thrown you overboard, you’re looking to change flagships or you’ve just set sail into the wide waters of the job market.

Contact your friends

You would have found at least three suitable jobs, you just haven’t thought of the people who know about them yet. A friend is the most reliable messenger of good jobs, so let acquaintances know about your career situation so they can recommend better jobs. Contacts among those closest to you are especially valuable because they know your work history and ambitions. You will also find interesting offers among your classmates, as they may know about a vacancy in the sector you studied together. And don’t forget to reach out to friends in other fields of work you’re interested in. But definitely don’t just rely on a perfunctory chat message that straight up unpacks your application. Reach out casually, invite them for coffee and express your confidence in their career credentials in person.

Use search job portals

Newspapers with job advertisements are no more, recruitment has moved to the Internet. Job portals are the ideal place to find out about vacancies and developments on the labour market.

Here companies searching and hiring potentional employees, find and recrute via interesting ads. The largest job portal in Slovakia is Profesia. Apart from the fact that a job portal allows you to respond to a wide range of vacancies, it also has other useful functionalities. For example, you can have the latest added jobs sent to you by email and thanks to this you will have a perfectly mapped job offer in your sector every day. Or post your CV on the jobportal and chances are you’ll be discovered by a recruiter or linkedin candidate search. Portal is also for freelance

Best place to post jobs demand is in our opinion Indeed Jobs.

Make yourself known online

Did you know that you can also look for a job passively? You just need to be in the right places and post relevant information about yourself. Thanks to the internet, you have countless ways to show the world that you are a truly competent professional in your field. Present yourself on social networks, in forums and interest groups, start a blog or your own website to publish your portfolio. Simply, build your personal brand.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience behind you yet, your online reputation can indicate to a prospective employer that you are knowledgeable and educated in the field. However, to avoid doing yourself more harm than good, be mindful of how you present yourself in the online space and on social media.